Law Firm

Today, DREISS Patentanwälte is one of the biggest patent attorney law firms in Stuttgart and in southwest Germany. In the “JUVE HANDBOOK GERMAN COMMERCIAL LAWFIRMS“, DREISS Patentanwälte is regularly having one of the top positions of the patent attorney law firms located in Stuttgart concerning the “patent filing” and “patent litigation”.

The roots of DREISS Patentanwälte go all the way back to the 1930s.

In 1970 UWE DREISS founded a patent attorney law firm in Stuttgart. Jörn Fuhlendorf joined the law firm in 1977. The two became “DREISS & Fuhlendorf.” In 1981 they joined up with Heinz Hosenthien, becoming “DREISS, Hosenthien & Fuhlendorf”. Until then, Mr. Hosenthien had run the firm “Langosch & Hosenthien” with his partner Mr. Hans Langosch, who had passed away before the association with “DREISS & Fuhlendorf”. The joint practice of “Langosch & Hostenthien” was preceded by the office of Mr. Emil C. Fleisch, who was an active patent attorney in Stuttgart starting in the late 1930s.

After Mr. Hosenthien retired in 1995 and the patent attorney law firm of Mrs. Maria Becker was acquired in 1996, the firm’s name changed to “DREISS, Fuhlendorf, Steimle & Becker.” At the beginning of 2009, the firm changed its legal form to a “partnership” and at the end of 2013 to a partnership with “limited professional liability” (PartG mbB). Since then, the name of the firm has been “DREISS Patentanwälte PartG mbB”. At the beginning of 2015, the firm has moved to our new office building “CityGate” in direct vicinity to the main station of Stuttgart.